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Bouncing Hogs n Bars Blog - Hog Roasts Yorkshire

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  1. At Bouncing Hogs ‘n’ Bars we only use the best quality meat available.  All of our hog roasts and barbeque sausages come from locally bred, free-range farms in Yorkshire.  In fact the pigs that we use for our hog roasts are from the elite top 1-2% of all free range pigs in the UK, how’s that for quality?!  But what difference does it make using free-range locally sourced pigs? Does it really matter? The answer is a resounding YES and we’ll tell you just why our hog roasts are the best around!

    Quality of the meat

    The pigs that we use for our hog roasts and barbequed sausages have been specially bred in order to produce the best tasting pork.  The pigs that we use are bred from Landrace and Duroc sows, this produces pigs that have low levels of back fat but the meat is marbled which enhances the flavour of the pork and makes it more succulent. All pigs that are used for our hog roasts are specially selected for their high quality meat.  The fact that the pigs are kept free-range means that they grow slower because of all the exercise that they get running around outside, this helps to ensure that the meat tastes great.

    Animal friendly

    The meat we use at Bouncing Hogs ‘n’ Bars is 100% free-range so you know that the animals have had a good life and have been looked after.  The pigs are allowed to roam freely from start to finish, their welfare is the number one priority at Anna’s Happy Trotters where we source all of our hogs from.  Throughout their lives they are fed a balanced and nutritious diet of natural and locally produced food.  They have free roam outside throughout their lives with a big sheltered area full of straw for rainy, cold weather.

    Supporting local businesses

    All of the meat that we use at Bouncing Hogs ‘N’ Bars is sourced from local businesses in and around Yorkshire.  It’s great to support small local businesses like local farms as it keeps local people self-employed, puts money back into the local economy and prevents more commercial, urban sprawl from taking over our local communities.

    Choose Bouncing Hogs ‘n’ Bars for your event and you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality of meat for the best value for money.  Free-range happy hogs produce beautiful succulent meat that your party guests will be talking about for weeks after your event!

  2. The Wedding Guide Industry Awards


     Oooo so excited we’ve been entered into the regional wedding guide awards for caterers this year so fingers crossed we win. This the first time we have been entered for an award for our catering services so hopefully fingers crossed we will win, but its the taking part that counts, hum ok.

    That’s the good news for today, now back to work we have a small gathering to get to in Leeds. 3 Hog roasts for 700 strong looking forward to it, the hogs are on cooking and coming along nicely, the smell here is amazing and I’m contemplating tucking into so crackling! Our event is for a company picnic to celebrate 25 years of business, this booking was taken over 6 months ago and the client has been e-mailing me for the past month and has been getting more and more excited by the day, she’s really looking forward to it, so we won’t disappoint super-sized butty for her.

    Hog roasts are great if you need to cater for a lot of people and its cheaper than you think, check out our website for our menus and e-mail us your choice and and we will come back to you the same day.